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We offer you ideal conditions to ensure promising personal coaching: discretion, very well trained personal trainers, cleanliness and a high-quality infrastructure. 

Our personal coaching comes with a guarantee of success because we exact success measurements as well as the constant re-evaluation in die maintenance include. Our diverse personal trainer team is united in the common method: "Differentiated Strength Training" - but we also differ in our respective specializations.

Andrew, 2022

It's definitely not a gym, but a sports club. Over a year I have been taking their Personal Training classes, I built relationships with members and coaches. The training they chose for me is 100% tailor-made and adapted to my goals. And never boring! Recommend for people looking for something totally out of the box.

Claire, 2019

I have been working out with Ilir for seven months at his gym Klub der Sportfreunde and it is a place I would highly recommend to anyone searching for their new fitness home. I came to Ilir after a long medical absence from the gym and he was intent on learning my history and creating a plan truly adapted to me, my needs and my goals. He found the perfect balance of easing me back into tough work outs and re building my strength.

The recipe for success



Anamnesis and goal discussion


In the first phase we get to know you and your goals. Includes a weak point analysis, 3D body scan with posture analysis and recording of the current body composition.

Now let's get to work. You train twice a week with your personal trainer. Here we get the most out of every workout - für guaranteed Results!


Monthly measurement

Motivation loading...! You will receive a 1:1 consultation once a month. We discuss your progress, possible Lifestyle tweaks and guide the3D Scaneca Scan(body fat analysis, lean mass, posture analysis, etc.) by. 


Re-evaluation and re-definition of goals

After the end of the first phase (6-12 weeks depending on the target definition) we do a success evaluation. Do we have the originally set goal achieved? And where are you going next?

Your personal trainer

Ilir Klub der Sportfreunde


Differentiated strength training

cem movement coach Klub der sportfreunde_edited.jpg


Strength, Mobility, Movement

Michele KDS_edited.jpg


Strength, Strongman, Nutrition

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-25 um 08.47_edited.jpg


Strength, body composition, nutrition

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-27 um 15.20.44.png


Yoga, pregnancy, pelvic floor, mumfit training

Gioele KDS


Powerlifting, online coaching

flo kds


Olympic weightlifting, online coaching

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