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Upcoming Events

  • Eröffnungsfeier Boxing Invictus x Klub der Sportfreunde
    Sun, Feb 05
    Eine Kollaboration die es in sich hat: Invictus x Klub der Sportfreunde! Der Umbau ist abgeschlossen, jetzt heisst es feiern! Entdecke unser neues, vielfältiges Boxing-Angebot im Klub der Sportfreunde powered by Invictus Training Zürich!
  • Deadlift Workshop
    Sun, Feb 26
    Learn all about the right deadlift technique, how to significantly improve your deadlift and which exercises will help you to master deadlifts!
  • Workshop "Cycle-Oriented Training"
    Sat, Mar 11
    In a 3-hour workshop in the Sportfreunde Club, learn the basics of the female cycle, how it works and what enormous advantages cycle-oriented training has!
  • Bench Press Workshop
    Sun, Mar 26
    Learn everything about the right bench press technique, how you can significantly improve your bench press and which exercises will help you to master the bench press!
  • Torment Easter weekend
    Sun, Apr 09
    JOIN US! The torture weekend is THE training weekend: 2 high-volume & high-frequency days, 6 training units & lots of knowledge!
  • Strong(wo)man Elements Workshop
    Sun, May 28
    Ideal for crossfitters and athletes who would like to get an insight into the strong(wo)man training technique! Learn all about log press, weighted carries, sand bags lifting and more!
  • Push+Pull Workshop
    Sun, Oct 29
    Learn everything about the right push and pull technique in training, which exercises belong to the pull method, which to the push? Get to know a wide range of exercises and how to master them.
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