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 Ideal for experienced exercisers or group class enthusiasts 

Unlimited access to the gym

Incl. all group classes

Qualified coaches on the training area

Reduced participation in internal workshops

Discount for the 3D body scan


 Ideal for beginners and people with concrete Goals or Needs 

All BASIS content

Goal setting, lifestyle analysis, weak point analysis

Training introduction of the individual training plan


Training plan adjustment every 2 months

3D body scan incl. consultation every 2 months


Free participation in internal workshops

Incl. nutrition Hand out


Including childcare (Club of the Minis)

gruppenklasse kds.jpg
Personaltraining KDS

Prices BASIS

3 months: CHF 475.-

6 months: CHF 950.-

1 year: CHF 1'550.-


*Payment in installments possible (CHF 135.- / month)


3 months: CHF 625.-

6 months: CHF 1'250.-

1 year: CHF 1'950.-


*Payment in installments possible (CHF 170.- / month)

We offer 10% discount for apprentices and students

"This gym is modern, clean and not only has a wealth of unique fitness equipment, but also a very well trained staff who are always ready to help with questions and uncertainties. There are a variety of group classes every day and all Various seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year. This gym is exceptional and definitely goes beyond the basics!"

- Claire

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