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 Minis Klub 

Childcare in our gym

Time for training despite having a child? That's why we founded the "Klub of Minis" a movement area that meets the needs of the "little ones" in all respects. Mamaklub founder Ramona takes care of your Mini-Me while you train stress-free with us. The Minis Klub looks after children aged 3 months to 10 years. The prerequisite is that your child feels well (and of course is not sick). Supervision is free for Klassik members and for Basis members there is a small surcharge in the Minis-Savings box (5 CHF / hour). But Registration is required (via timetable app). 

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8-9 am


House rules for the club der minis

Mumfit Classes
in our gym

Real training for mums - with the additional option of taking the baby/toddler/child to class!


Entry possible at any time (after completion of birth rehabilitation)! The focus is always on building strength and stability, improving general fitness and coordination, building and strengthening the abdominal muscles and of course training motivation, fun and exchange with other like-minded moms!