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Strongis the new Skinny!

The 10-week challenge at Klub der Sportfreunde

Starts January 10, 2022

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The women's challenge with personal trainer Mimi bobs

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We will achieve this together in 10 weeks



"Coach Mimi is the best! She is a great Factor why I'm still so motivated and really enjoy coming to training!"

"Thank you for the already great experience and den Platz den ihr created  where I can learn and grow so much!"

"Thank you for your incredible Support! Mimi responds to each individual and is just sooo motivating! I look forward to every single training session!"

"You can really feel your know-how, the experience and the joy des Pass it on, which is sometimes the most important point for me! Thank you for your support and the genuine interest in accompanying each and every one of us towards our personal goals!"


this is included in the challenge

The workouts

Aufbau challenge April 2023 kds.png

The packages

full commitment
50 workouts

CHF 1'300.-*
* Missed workouts can be made up within 2 weeks after the challenge

40 workouts

CHF 1'040.-*

*the 4 training days can be flexibly selected from week to week 

30 workouts

CHF 780.-*

*the 3 training days kcan be flexibly selected from week to week 

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