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online coaching


What does online coaching include?

1. Evaluation of the current situation:
Vulnerability analysis and target discussion (online)

2. Delivery of training plan:
You will receive your individual training plan using our training app

3. Weekly feedback:
Lade upload your training videos to our platform every week and receive individual feedback from your coach


4. Monthly re-evaluation:
You discuss your progress with your coach and receive a new training plan (online)


What does online coaching include?

A boxing subscription included

Gym access

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We bring you closer to the advantages of martial arts, no matter how old or fit you are at the moment!


Boxing for a healthy inner attitude and treating yourself and others with respect. Fighting is something honest and important. Whether in a partnership, at work or in the social environment, it is worth fighting for your rights, your passions and your convictions under fair conditions!


Efficient workouts for everyoneunder the motto "Don't complain, fight"!


With us you will find dynamic, intensive workouts based on boxing and self-defence in a pleasant atmosphere. The focus is not only on the technology, but also on the individuality and goals of each individual. The focus is partner training, glove to glove, but also pad and sandbag training. You train elemente such as endurance, strength, explosiveness, mobility, reaction and coordination, strengthening self-confidence and mental endurance without sparring and full contakt. We promise a total body workout. 

The team

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